Pickers and Packers

Summary of Role

Pickers and packers will work within warehouses and factories. With the processes of a warehouse or a factory there is always need for pickers and packers. We understand that some companies combine these two roles and others will have them separated often depending on the size of the warehouse or factory.

Pickers prime duties revolve around picking stock in the warehouse in the allotted amount of time. They will then deliver these to the packers or complete the packing process themselves. Packers will then be expected to work in a production line packing the stock into boxes, bags, trays or crates. Most jobs will include both aspects of the roles combined, however, this is dependent on the company's preference. At Euro Task we have a plethora of staff with many differing skill sets to fit all employer’s needs - so if something more specific is required please get in contact with us today.


Typical Duties

  • Quickly, safely and efficiently collect items to place in specified places
  • Careful packing of potentially delicate goods.
  • Taking containers and sealing with glue, staples or shrink wrap
  • Ensuring that correct weight and subsequent labelling of all packaging is accurate
  • Ensuring all health and safety is adhered to while reporting any issues to shift supervisors

Why Use Euro Task?

We understand the need for pickers and packers across the entire country. Here at Euro Task, we consitently have a vast number of pickers and packers on our books at all times, so you can rest assured that we will supply only the most experienced and dedicated workers when your business needs them the most.

If you are currently looking for pickers and packers, please get in touch with us today by either calling 0113-827-2279 or completing our short contact form