Summary of Role

The role of a teacher, depending on the level they educate at, is to teach a set curriculum to students. This is achieved by developing schemes of work and lesson plans that will fit in with the curriculum set and engage their pupils. Teachers are expected to build a rapport with their pupils by delivering appealing classes based on the subject material.

Primary school teachers will often be expected to work with just one set of pupils within the year, teaching an array of different topics at a primary level. On the other hand, secondary school teachers are expected to specalise in one particular subject that they would be teaching to a number of pupil groups throughout the day.


Typical Duties

  • Producing and delivering well planned lessons to students of a variety of different ages and abilities
  • Marking the work of all pupils vigilantly whilst keeping records of progress and development
  • Keeping up to date with new topic areas and changes within your teaching disciplines
  • Selecting and using a good range of learning resources
  • Managing pupil behavior efficiently
  • Organising and participating in extracurricular activities

Why Use Euro Task?

As all schools differ, we understand that regardless of the years of experience a teacher possesses, it is imperative that they also match the philosophies of the school. For this reason, here at Euro Task, the first step in our recruitment process is to take a step back and understand your company ethos on all levels. This allows us to filter through our pool of talented teachers and handpick only the best candidates for the role who, not only have the experience, but also the personality to integrate effectively at your school. Therefore, you can rest assured that with Euro Task we will only supply high-caliber, qualified candidates for your vacancies. Furthermore, as we supply UK-nationwide, irrespective of how rural or remote your school location may be, if you currently have a vacancy that requires filling, Euro Task are here to help.

If you are currently recruiting for a Teacher, please get in touch with us today by either calling 0113-827-2279 or completing our short contact form